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"Neil greatly helped me navigate in my new role by providing powerful guidance, tools and insights. He made sure I did not get over consumed with the tasks of my work and neglect the learning and trust building needed for success."
Sr. Director – Product Marketing

"As the new VP of Engineering, it was vitally important I learn quickly what was working well and what was not. Neil was very effective in helping me surface hidden issues and recommend practical actions to address them."
Doug MacKenzie, VP - Candera, Inc

"Neil's guidance, tools, insights, and affirmations were extremely valuable in helping me quickly assimilate into a startup culture and accelerate my impact within the firm. Neil’s spot on feedback helped me reframe and navigate challenging situations and build critical relationships with senior managers and the C-suite."
 Director - Global Communications

"I was placed in a new role leading a major initiative.  Neil advised me on the risks to focus on and the right structure. His guidance greatly accelerated needed planning and change management."
Sr. Manager - NetApp Inc.

"Neil greatly improved my ability to interact with senior managers and strengthened my leadership skills and executive impact. I am now much more confident and aware when I navigate organizations."
Sr. Manager - Engineering

"Neil helped me accelerate the process to launch NCD on the road to a successful company turn-around. You kept me pointed in the right direction and didn't allow the process to stall. The stock price is back up and talented employees are coming back."
Robert Gilbertson, President and CEO - Network Computing Devices

Neil worked exceptionally well guidance our executives to create a practical, well aligned New Product Process that increases project predictability and teamwork across the organization."
Sundi Sudaresh, CEO - Candera, Inc

"Neil was a significant asset helping me lay out a practical plan for designing and implementing a New Product Process. I highly recommend him for working with technical executives."
Bruce Pittman, Director - New Focus, Inc

"One of the new product teams Neil advised created a new product that produced first month revenue that equaled the 12 month revenue of the product it replaced."
Michael Beiter, Director - Black & Decker Corporation

"Neil contributed greatly to a demanding product cost reduction effort with global manufacturing and design operations. His executive guidance on managing change was key to helping us reduce product costs by 20%."
Dr. Samuel Chih, GM - Adaptec, Inc

"Neil has been a terrific partner on this organization transformation journey.  I highly recommend Neil to any executive who wants a fully committed, highly experienced and innovative resource to accelerate progress."
Paul Zaninovich, Vice President - FLIR Systems, Inc

"Neil consistently helped me clarify the issues and find common ground with my executive team. The resulting strategic vision, goals and initiatives have created a blueprint for our future."
Steve Wolf, General Manager - Vander-Bend

"Neil Love was very effective in helping our department begin the transformation process that will take us to the next level of performance. He enabled me to identify and address the key issues getting in our way."
John Chun, VP -

"You made our senior management off-sites much more productive. I never expected to get through so many issues. Everyone felt heard and we came to closure on some very important strategic decisions."
Ralph Mele, CEO - Terminal Corporation

"Neil Love provided a strong client partnering approach which worked well with our senior managers. He helped us find the right answers for our organization rather than giving you the standard, 'works anywhere' answers."
John Menzies, III, Chairman - Candera, Inc.

"Neil influenced us to focus on productivity improvement and partnered well with me to design and deliver a powerful, program that increased productivity 15% within months."
Zainab Issaq, Director of Human Resources - Candera

"I highly recommend Neil as a advisor for ambitious executives who want to take their organizations to the next level."
Linda Thompson, Director - Adaptec, Inc

"I would recommend Neil and his expertise to any company interested in increasing value add for customers."
Michael Gast, Director - Glaxo Pharmaceuticals

"Neil Love was an invaluable resource for our senior level planning and provided excellent guidance of our executives and middle level managers. I recommend him without reservation."
Carol Dennis, Director - ARC

"Thank you for helping us improve our organization and thus making us more responsive to our internal and external customers. Your professionalism, your thoroughness and your keen insight into our problems was greatly appreciated."
Melvin Bender. President - J. Dashew, Inc


"I am so excited!. Neil helped me make the industry shift I wanted into AI and IoT. He also helped me get 20% more in salary and the vacation time I needed."
Director, Product Marketing

"I am really happy you made it possible for me get the job I wanted at VMware. The unexpected bonus was getting 20% more compensation with your help and still keep good relations with my new boss.."
Director Product Management

"Neil helped me get a much better job offer. He helped me strategize my return to work and find a great job. He ensured I stayed focused, did the right things and maintained progress. He was my advocate keeping me motivated all along the way but he also made me check my assumptions and nudged me when I needed it. "
Sr. Program Manager

Hi Neil. I am happy to provide a glowing reference. Your insights have been immediately helpful and you have markedly improved my resume. Plus, your willingness to extend your personal network is much appreciated."
Director, Strategic Marketing

"Neil helped me picture my next job much more vividly than I would have been able to do by myself. And I really appreciated the work Neil did on my resume and LinkedIn profile"
Global Director, Customer Success

"Neil’s guidance really helped me with my job search and career transition. His guidance was invaluable."
Executive Director, HR

"I needed a advisor that could help me stimulate my thinking, focus on my best role, and point me in the right direction with targeted introductions. Together, we charted an accelerated course with a comprehensive job hunting strategy. I couldn’t thank Neil enough."
Director, Organizational Development

"Thank you Neil. I am fully enjoying my new job. I will definitely forward your reference in my circle and please use me as a reference."
Senior Director, HR

"Thanks to you I landed the great job I have been wanting at Amazon and am starting next month. I am recommending you to two of my friends who will want the great help you provide."
Senior Product Manager

"Neil helped identity different job situations and evaluate the pro’s and con’s of each. He quickly helped me transform my resume so it was much more impressive. My interviewing strategies and answers got better through real time practice. And he helped me improve the impact of my LinkedIn Profile.. Within a few weeks I had several job offers and accepted the best one."
Senior Client Manager

"Neil was fantastic! He helped me find exactly the type of position I was looking for. Very good at making me realize how to focus my job search efforts. Especially liked the way he made the resume show what I had and could accomplish. Was employed within a month after moving to my new location!!"
Senior Manager, Compliance

"Neil really helped me focus on and understand my career objectives, and aided me in clearly explaining my capabilities on my resume. He also helped me successfully negotiate with my future employer during the interview process. Neil is highly capable, and very professional."
Senior Test Manager

"Neil was very supportive and thoughtful to address all of my challenges. He was able to follow through with resume frameworks, approaches to recruiters, and opportunities for networking. I recommend Neil, not only for transitions, but any career support you may need!"
Technical Program Manager

"Neil provided great guidance and support. He helped me focus on the best job situations and rewrote my resume so it is much more impressive. He strengthened my interviewing strategies and skills. Very importantly he introduced me to key people for information interviews and even some job interviews."
Program Manager

"After a couple of high energy meetings, Neil was able to shape a powerful value proposition, positioning statement and executive resume. I highly recommend Neil to any executive or senior manager who wants to work with someone who has been an executive who can accelerate getting the next right career position."


"Thanks for all of your help and interview guidance. I did get the job at eBay and it looks like it will work out better than I thought."
Head of Product and Design

"Hey Neil! Guess what!? I got the job! I heard back today. Thank you so much for all of your help!"
Account Director

"I completed my interviews and did very well. Got an offer!! Thank you for your help at our interview practice session and giving me the necessary documents to prepare."
Project Manager

"Thanks for all the support. I just learned I passed the first round of interviews at Google which is great news."
Senior Software Manager

"Hi Neil! Writing to tell you that I got the job at Dropbox! Just signed the offer letter today! Thanks so much for your help in preparing me, and giving me the confidence to shine."
Talent Brand Marketing Manager

"I wanted to share with you some good news on the job bites, phone screens and in person job interviews I’ve received. Thank you so much"
Senior Compliance Manager

"I heard from Apple that I passed the first phone interview and the recruiter is setting up the next interview. Thank you for helping me be so prepared."
Security Program Manager

"I had two interviews with Katerra Inc. and they both went very well. I am going to the third one in their campus next Friday. Thank you so much for your help."
Corporate Strategy Director

"Thanks so much for your guidance and guidance on interviewing. The interview went great!"
Senior Manager, Vertical Marketing

"I just returned from the interview and it went well. I did the elevator speech and handled well the situational questions. I consistently received glowing feedback (good sign)."
Senior Director, Strategic Alliances

"Thanks for all the help on interviewing. I am READY!! I will definitely recommend you."
Senior Finance Manager

"Neil has great value to offer. Absolutely my Interactions with him helped me to get more confident on articulating my value to a company during interviews."
Senior Technical Program Manager

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