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Traditional management consulting services can be more than you need, can consume or can afford.   My affordable and convenient services provide a bite-size combination of  Best Practice Assessments + Performance Tool Kits + Videos + Guidance. 

This support is based on my 20 years of leadership and organization effectiveness experience at leading high-tech companies.  Many of the assessments and tools come from the $1M - $2M best practice programs I led in my career.

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My service will helps leaders identify what to do and focus, sequence and orchestrate improvement or change efforts.

 "Neil helped me accelerate the process to accomplish a successful company turn-around.
He kept me pointed in the right direction and didn't allow the process to stall.
President and CEO - NCD Inc.

Neil's guidance helped me create a practical, well-aligned New Product Process that is
increasing project visibility, predictability and teamwork across the organization."
CEO - Candera, Inc

Why Use An Outside Resource?

  • You get to talk confidentially and openly about your challenges
  • It is really difficult to see the blind spots in how things are operating
  • You get a catalyst to dig deeper and move from information to action
  • You more quickly get your effort focused, sequenced and orchestrated
  • You quickly get deep insights and more options to pick the right solution
  • You do not have the time or expertise to figure out what to do and how to do it
  • You get objective views and suggestions from your entire organization or project
  • You can get more engagement and input from your staff when using external resources

"Neil's executive guidance and tools for aligning and managing change
was key to helping us reduce our global product costs by 20%."
General Manager - Adaptec, Inc

"Neil's guidance helped me increase employee engagement
and productivity 15% within two months."
Chief Of Staff - Mockingbird, Inc.

Why Work With Me?
My services are unique in these ways:

  • Highly customized vs a standard cookie cutter consulting service or training program
  • Much more affordable than a training program or consulting package
  • Always get support from a professional with 20 years’ experience in high tech
  • One stop shop - I can cover all the areas of organization and manager performance improvement
  • Specialist in working with managers in Engineering, Program Management, Product Management, IT
  • Have worked with all levels of clients from program managers to executives
  • Clients have access to the tools they may need later after our work is done

The initiatives I have led achieved over$75M of benefits and in total have been implemented by over 50,000 managers and professionals.  The initiatives focused on improvement of product development, productivity, speed, quality, customer service, IT system deployment and technical organization design. My 15 years of management consulting experience with high tech companies makes me uniquely equipped to advise executives and managers in technical groups like engineering, IT and product management. 

How We Work Together
Through my guidance we will get crystal clear on what the issue is, its impact and the challenges you have. Then I can recommend the right improvement assessments and customize them to best fit your situation. Using the assessment results I can then recommend the right improvement tools and advise you on how to use them.  How It Works Video

We can do a quickly deal with a specific challenge or issue.


Assessments Tool Sets Guidance Process

 Or we can do a series of sessions providing on-going support
as we design and implement the change or improvement project.


On going Manager Support

 "As the new VP of Engineering, it was vitally important I learn quickly what was working well and what was not.
Neil was very effective in helping me surface hidden issues and recommend practical actions to address them."
VP Engineering -  Candera, Inc.

“Neil greatly strengthened my leadership communications and executive impact.”
Sr. Engineering Manager - Google

Assessments & Tool Kits With Guidance
These best practice assessments and tools can jump-start your project, accelerate progress, avoid pitfalls and learn faster!

 About The Best Practices Assessments Survey Icon
Each online assessment survey contains Best Practices based questions and answers choices
The assessments are a fast and efficient way to gain mission-critical insights across an organization.
They help you quickly identify strengths and gaps, root causes, disconnects, and breakdowns.
They can surface the best improvement opportunities and even in priority order.
They "teach" best practices quickly to strengthen leadership and succes

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About The Leader
Tool Kits Tool Kit bigger
There are 10 Tool Kits available that are focused on a specific leader goal.
Each Tool Kit contains 20 to 30 Best Practices expertise documents.
Including templates, flow charts, models, assessments, samples, presentations.
All tools are MS PPT, Word and Excel files that can be customized.
Most tools are fast reads contained on a single page.
Tool Kits can be customized to be suit your needs.

If you would like to see and use some tools,
I am happy to provide them to you at no charge.

Content Of Tool Kits

 Sample Of Tools  

free ToolS
If you want to discuss the insights and value gained from the
Assessment +
Tools + Coaching, just schedule here


How It Works Video

Neil's Bio

As a Career, Leader & Organization Success Advisor, Neil has helped over 350 executives and managers make themselves and their groups more successful.  Starting as a design engineer and customer engineer,  his career evolved to VP Leadership Development positions at GE and USF&G and Director Business Transformation positions at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems. Neil has MBA and BS Electrical Engineering degrees and is a Certified Leadership Advisor.

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