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“Neil greatly helped me quickly increase my leadership skills by
providing powerful feedback, tools, and skills practice sessions.”

Sr. Director – Product Marketing

"Neil's tools, insights, and spot on feedback helped me navigate challenging
situations and build critical relationships with senior managers and the C-suite."

Director - Global Communications

Your Challenges

Are you dealing with any of these tough leadership challenges?

  • Getting enough executive support
  • Selling an improvement proposal
  • Changing how your group operates
  • Dealing with lots of  resistance to ideas
  • Having trouble navigating the politics
  • Need to negotiate well to get a good deal
  • Presenting to executives with impact
  • Engaging key stakeholders to get support
  • Building alignment across departments
  • Dealing with difficult senior managers
  • Gaining visibility for career growth
  • Making cross-functional projects work well

How I Can Help

I have been a VP Leadership Development at USF&G and Director Leader & Business Transformation at Amazon, VMware, Cisco and Sun Microsystems, I know the real world keys to managment success. 

Here is what I can provide to boost your manager power.

  • Surface root causes that are inhibiting success
  • Provide strategies to accelerate progress and results
  • Help you improve alignment within and outside the team
  • Give you new leadership strategies & tools to deal with issues
  • Provide helpful feedback on management and leadership style
  • Be a sounding board to help you think through decisions
  • Provide direct, non-political advice on your challenges
  • Help you with difficult emotionally charged situations
  • Practice dealing with tough issues through role plays

High Tech Experience

In my Director roles throughout my high tech career, I led initiatives focused on product development improvement, IT system deployment, technical organization redesigns and technical leader development. Earlier in my career, I was an electronics system design engineer and customer engineer.  So I am uniquely effective when coaching executives and managers in technical groups like engineering, IT and product management.  I know your language and job challenges. This enables me to better increase your value-add messaging, impact and influence.

This article tells you the things to look for
and the questions to ask to get the right coach for you.

Neil's Bio

As a Leader Success Coach, Neil has helped over 350 executives, managers and professionals make themselves and their groups more successful. In his high-tech corporate roles he held Director level Business Transformation positions at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems.  He also held VP Leadership Development positions at GE and USF&G.  Neil has MBA and BS Electrical Engineering degrees and is a Certified Leadership Coach.

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