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Got some bad feedback about past presentations?
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What You Need

Making good presentations is key to getting what you want for you, your team, your department. 

Also, people who are considered good presenters are much more upwardly mobile in therir career.

Are  these some of your presentation challenges?

Impact Challenges

  • Your presentations have not been well received in the past
  • It is not clear what action you want the audience to take
  • You are not getting the support you wanted to get

Mindset Challenges

  • You feel very tense or nervous when presenting
  • You want to enjoy presenting vs. dread it

Design Challenges

  • Your content does not support your objective
  • You have too much content for the time allowed
  • Your visuals are missing, busy or not adding value
  • There is no levity or humor in your presentation

Stlye Challenges

  • You have been told to be more dynamic and engaging
  • You have some verbal delivery challenges

Connection Challenges

  • You see people drifting off when you present
  • You want to connect better with the audience
  • You have difficulty dealing with interupters
  • You don't know how to handle large audiences


How I Can Help

Here is what we do to mke your presentation a great one!

I will look at a past presentation slide deck and give some improvement recommendations. 

Then I will have you quickly present some of it to me for my feedback.

In the design of your new presentation we will:

  • Assess the audience interests
  • Define the intended outcomes
  • Layout the topics sequence and timing
  • Set audience interaction points
  • Insert short stories to make key points
  • Create powerful visuals

We will practice the beginning, middle and end of the presentation stopping for my feedback. 

Then we will practice the whole presentation and I will give you overall feedback on your presentation pace, energy level, engagment, voice modulation and hand gestures use. 

You will get a video  recording to refer to later.

After you do your real world presentation we will do a debrief to celebrate and perhaps capture some lessons learned for next time.


Coaching Experience

I have helped hundreds of executives and managers communicate better 1:1,  in meetings and  when making presentations.  In my Director positions at Cisco, VMware and Amazon I worked with many technical groups.  This makes me uniquely effective when coaching executives and managers in engineering, IT and product management. 

Neil's Bio

As a Leader & Organization Success Advisor, Neil has helped over 350 executives and managers at 90 companies improve their group's performance, leadership impact and career advancement.  Starting as a design engineer and customer engineer,  his career evolved to VP Leadership Development positions at GE and USF&G and Director Business Transformation positions at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems. Neil has MBA and BS Electrical Engineering degrees and is a Certified Leadership Advisor.

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