Need To Jump Start A Change Or Improvement?
Want Strategies & Tools To Accelerate Progress?

The best practices Performance Tool Kits will help you do that.

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Improving Business Performance Business Performance
Improving Initiative  Performance Initiative Performance
Improving Product Development Product Development
Increasing Leadership Impact Leadership Impact
Transforming Organizations Organization Design
Improving Department Performance Department Performance
Increasing Team Performance Team Performance
Increasing HR Dept Value Add  HR Department Impact

Tool Kit Benefits

  • Don't waste time inefficiently searching for a tool
  • Don't need to re-invent or spend time developing a tool
  • 24 x7 online access, just when you need it from anywhere in the world
  • Immediate access, regardless of where people are physically located
  • Get help on a crash project at night or on the weekend
  • More quickly jump start a project or initiative
  • Reduces external consulting expense and dependence
  • Builds internal capabilities across the organization
  • Tool Kit content can be used to develop training programs

Cross-functional Effectiveness Tool Kits
These are Project Accelerators – all the tools, best practices and guidance you need to lead, plan and implement major improvements in your organization’s performance without expensive outside consulting support including:

  • Improving Strategy Implementation
  • Improving Productivity & Speed
  • Improving Product Development Performance
  • Improving Corporate Initiative Performance
  • Improving Customer Value Add Performance
  • Improving Cross-functional Collaboration

Fast Track Manager Development Tool Kits
Quickly ramp your abilities to increase impact and to achieve important goals.  The Tool Kits provide tightly targeted, fast learning for your specific learning agenda.

  • Department Manager Development
  • Program Manager Development
  • Team Leader Development
  • Internal Consultant Development
  • HR Business Partner Development

Each Tool Kit contains 20 to 30 Best Practices expertise documents.
Including templates, flow charts, models, assessments, samples, presentations.
Tools are "busy leader" friendly on a single page avoiding the need for extensive reading.
All documents are fully customizable MS PPT, Word and Excel files.

If you would like to see and use some tools,
I am happy to provide them to you at no charge.

Content Of Tool Kits

 Sample Of Tools  

Free ToolS

Each Tool Kit includes a 60-minute guidance session to identify and use the tools of most interest.
Coaching packages are also available to provide on-going support for a change or improvement initiative. 

In each Tool Kit you'll find the most commonly requested Tools.
Many find it beneficial to have a customized Tool Kit created that pulls
together and organizes tools to tightly focus on their desired outcome.

To discuss tools of interest or Tool Kit customization, just schedule here:


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Tool Kit Guide - shows the names and descriptions of all the tools in each of the 10 Tool Kits.

The types of tools in each Tool Kit include:

•  Assessments

•  Diagnostics

•  Surveys

•  Dashboards

•  Strategies

•  Methodologies

•  Models

•  Process Flows

•  Best Practices

•  Presentations

•  Guides

•  Techniques

•  Tools

•  Checklists

•  Templates

•  Sample Documents