Boost Your Department's Success

Need To Increase
Group Impact?

Ramp up with new
strategies & tools

Want Your Group
To Work Better?

Get deep insights
and new options

Need To Achieve
Stretch Goals?

Revamp with new
models and tools

An Organization Success Advisor can help boost performance.

Want to uncover and fix root causes?
Need some new options for success?
Want to leverage best practices?

"Neil's guidance helped me identify and address key issues
to get our department to the next level of performance."
John Chun, VP -
"Neil has been a terrific partner on our organization transformation journey.
I highly recommend him to any executive who wants to accelerate progress."
Paul Zaninovich, Vice President - FLIR Systems, Inc.

Prefer Just-In-Time Support?

On-demand coaching and 24/7 access to
best practices assessments, tools and videos.

Business Performance Portal

Why Use An Outside Resource?

  • You get to talk confidentially and openly about your challenges
  • It is really difficult to see the blind spots in how things are operating
  • You more quickly get your effort focused, sequenced and orchestrated
  • You quickly get deep insights and more options to pick the right solution
  • You do not have the time or expertise to figure out what to do and how to do it

What Are Your Goals?

Are these some of the goals you want to achieve?

  • Achieve Bigger Impact
  • Focus The Organization
  • Align The Organization
  • Increase Group Agility
  • Increase Productivity
  • Build Sustainable Change

How I Can Help You

These are some of the things I might advise you on to achieve your goals.

  • Organization Strategy
  • Organization Alignment
  • Organization Design
  • Organization Change
  • Process Improvement

How We Work Together

I will help you identify what to do and help you focus, sequence and orchestrate your improvement or change effort.  We can work on a single issue or I can provide on-going support as you move through your improvement effort or change initiative. My service is not an expensive traditional consulting service. I provide convenient and affordable support working virtually at convenient times for you.

"Neil's executive guidance and tools for aligning and managing change
was key to helping us reduce our global product costs by 20%."
General Manager - Adaptec, Inc
"Neil's guidance helped me increase employee engagement
and productivity 15% within two months."
Chief Of Staff - Mockingbird, Inc.

High Tech Experience

In my Director roles throughout my high tech career, I led initiatives focused on product development improvement, IT system deployment, technical organization redesigns and technical leader development. Earlier in my career, I was an electronics system design engineer and customer engineer.  So I am uniquely effective when advising executives and managers in technical groups like engineering, IT and product management. 

This article tells you the things to look for and the
questions to ask to get the right advisor for you.

Selecting The Right Advisor