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"Neil really helped me understand my career objectives and direction.
With his help I now feel really confident and grounded in what I want and why."

Roman R. - Senior Technical Manager

“Neil’s savvy guidance and tools helped me develop the right career vision and strategy.
His gave me the insights, perspectives and connections I really needed."

Sr. Director - Digital Transformation

Got Some Career Issues?

Does anything here resonate with your career situation?

  • You don't know where your career is going
  • You feel your career is becoming plateaued
  • Someday you want to make a big impact on the world
  • You want to move towards something new, more meaningful
  • You want to know how to make career moves safely

I can help you think through your career vision, strategy, path and plan.  I will provide the needed assessments, strategies, tools, structure, guidance and resources. 

With my coaching suppport you will be more confident and prepared to move your career forward. 

How I Will Help

Together we will think about and get clear on all the
key success factors for a great career.

  • Develop The Right Career Thinking Mindset
  • Be Clear On Your Talents, Passions & Interests
  • Know What You Need & Why You Need It
  • Explore Industry & Job Role Options
  • Develop Your Career Vision
  • Develop Your Career Path
  • Develop Your Career Plan
  • Create Your Development Plan
  • Obtain Your Career Resources
  • Manage Your Career Success

High Tech Experience

In my Director roles throughout my high tech career, I led initiatives focused on  product development improvement, IT system deployment, technical organization redesigns and technical leader development. So I am uniquely effective when coaching executives and managers in technical groups like engineering, IT and product management.  I know your language and job challenges. This enables me to better increase your value-add messaging, impact and influence.

This article tells you the things to look for
and the questions to ask to get the right coach for you.

Neil's Bio

As a Manager Success Coach and a Career Success Coach, Neil has helped over 350 executives, managers and professionals be more successful in their jobs and careers. In his high tech cororate roles he held Director level Business Transformation positions at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems.  He also held VP Leadership Development positions at GE and USF&G.  Neil has MBA and BS Electrical Engineering degrees and is a Certified Leadership Coach.

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