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 "The 24/7 Business Performance Portal is a fantastic resource for just-in-time help.
The quickly available and efficient coaching is great for guidance on strategy and decisions."
Herbert Martinez, Sr. IT Manager

I love the assessments, tools and videos. They are extremely valuable and very efficient to access.
There is so much great stuff line managers and I can use that I feel like a kid in a candy store."
Rebecca Funder, Director HR

Imagine it's 2pm on a Sunday, and one of your managers suddenly learns of a derailed project as a result of team performance issues. She wants to arrive at the office Monday morning with a solution. Right away she gets access to an online assessment to learn what to focus on and tools and templates to move the team forward and a two-minute video on how to work with the team. That same day she gets answers to her questions via email from a coach plus practice and advice from a coaching session. The manager is fully ready to hit the ground running Monday morning and turn the situation around.

"The ability to access the Business Performance Portal 24/7 is a priceless resource for any manager who wants just-in-time answers and support on key challenges. The Portal is full of best-known practices, online assessments, tools, and videos. The targeted and efficient coaching is a great bonus to get guidance on strategies, options, and decisions. This budget friendly “just when you need it support” beats expensive traditional courses and consultants." - Herbert Martinez, Sr. IT Manager

Business Performance Booster
Just-In-Time Coaching + Assessments + Tools + Videos

You can get this kind of quick support from my online Portal + Coaching service. It will accelerate careers and boost the impact of groups, projects, teams, and leaders.  It is ideal for managers doing an organization, management role or career transition or have a performance challenge with their group, project or leadership.  The resources in the Portal boost and accelerate performance readiness and improvement.  My support is much less costly than consulting services or many hours of coaching that does not leverage prework to reduce needed coaching time.  And you won't become dependent on consultants because you have developed self-sufficiency having learned the skills to move ahead on your own in future situations.

Using the assessments in the Portal will reveal the root causes of disconnects and blind spots. The tools and templates will jump start and speed progress. The short video segments will accelerate targeted learning . Unlike traditional options, this service is extremely convenient, broad in scope, accessible, efficient, cost-effective and always there when you need it.

The fee for the Portal + Coaching system is so reasonable it can often be conveniently paid with a credit card without having to go through purchasing or get budget approval.

Use Demonstration
In this 5 minute video, I demonstrate using and navigating the Business Performance Booster.

Executive Presentation
In this 5 minute video, I present details about the problems addressed, the benefits and the use of the Business Performance Booster.

Overview Slide Deck
This short slide deck highlights the problems addressed, the benefits and the use of the Business Performance Booster.

Here are some of the situations you can get help with:

Performance Challenge
You are concerned your organization, initiative or team is not going to meet expectations

Transition Challenge
You are leading an organization change, moving into a new role, or making a career transition

Problem Challenge
You have a specific management issue or problem you need to deal with right away

Learning Challenge
You need to learn something very fast to improve a situation,  influence someone or lead better


This affordable subscription-based service gives you 24/7 access to all my intellectual property -  online best practices assessments and tools plus short skills videos.  Tools include best practices models and checklists, process flows, presentations, keys to success, frameworks and analysis spreadsheets.

And I quickly provide you with implementation guidance.  You can send me an email with a question and I will respond typically within an hour.  For challenging issues you want to discuss or practice on,  you can schedule a convenient 30-minute coaching session often the same day including weekends. When you travel globally, I will accommodate your time zone to continue to support you.  However, the self-service functionality of the system enables you to quickly get the resources you need right away and optimizes the coaching time used.

Performance Accelerators

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The best practices organization assessments and management tools in the Portal were created by me during my 25 years of experience as a VP Leadership Development at GE and USF&G and Director Organization Transformation at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems. My expertise is based on over 200 organization effectiveness consulting projects and delivering leadership training to over 5,000  executives and managers so they can be more successful in their jobs and careers.

The assessments, tools and videos are organized in eight performance areas in the Portal + Coaching system.

  • Business Performance
  • Department Performance
  • Organization Transformation
  • Initiative Performance
  • Product Development Performance
  • Team Performance
  • Leader Impact
  • Career Success

You can access them here:

The 8 Performance Areas

Here you can go directly to one of the Portal pages.

Department Performance

Right now you can access and complete any of my Online Best Practices Assessments to get insights into what is going on in your situation and things to focus on.  You also can see the descriptions of all the tools in all the Tool Kits.  When you sign up, you will be given a password to access the actual tools.

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The documents in the Business Performance Booster are handy references when managers are coaching team members and staff.  The documents can also be used as training materials or content for training materials or for presentations or as content for presentations.


I will provide you with a no-charge one week evaluation trial use of the Business Performance Booster.

Here are more ways you can benefit.

  • You do not have the time or expertise to search for strategies and tools
  • All the tools you need are in one spot vs. scattered among website search results
  • You get totally objective, non-biased help to quickly move your effort forward
  • You see best practices immediately vs spending hours searching for them
  • You quickly get your improvement orchestrated and sequenced
  • You get a professional to help with implementation issues and resistance to change
  • You learn faster and make a greater impact on the organization and business goals

Accelerate Projects
Save time and avoid missteps in improving or changing how your organization, process, project or team works.

Get Invisible Help
My "behind the scenes" guidance will enable you to use the tools and surveys to achieve your goals while I remain invisible to anyone else.

Coach Staff Easier
You can use the tools and surveys as vehicles to teach team members what they need to know to perform and advance their careers.

Be More Impressive
Be recognized for bringing in best practices to achieve business goals

Have Greater Impact
Have more strategies and tools to deliver results more efficiently and faster.

Accelerate Your Career
Professionals who show leadership in promoting and leading improvements get promoted and achieve high potential elite status.

Get Promoted Faster
Quickly learn the knowledge and skills you need to know to make more impact and get a promotion.

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Let's Have A Short Chat

Here is how you get the most from the Business Performance Booster:

1.   Identify clearly the problem or goal you are focused on

2.   Select and complete the online assessment(s) related to your topic

3.   Use the assessment survey responses to select relevant Tool Kits

4.   Identify and use the tools in the Tool Kits that are most helpful

5.   Select video courses (all are <1 hour long) and watch relevant video segments (2-3 minutes each)

Plus as you move through the above sequence, you can get my just-in-time coaching support in two ways.

Instant Help Via Email
Any time you need help, just send me a message using the "Email Neil" button at the top of every Portal webpage. You can send me emails with questions about tools, assessments, actions, decisions, strategies, situations - whatever you want.  If you mark the email URGENT, I will typically respond within an hour.

Coaching Sessions 7 Days A Week
If you want to meet with me to talk through a situation or practice on handling a situation, I am available 7 days a week.  You can often schedule a session the very same day.  All you have to do is hit the "Schedule" button at the top of every Portal page.

Below you can see the flow of the coaching support I can provide as you learn about and implement the resources in the Portal. 

Portal Coaching

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Everything we discuss I will hold confidential.  However, it is your responsibility to not tell me anything that is company confidential.  If you do I will not be held liable if any legal claims come up regarding this in the future.  I am happy to sign a mutual benefit Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your company and my firm.

The materials you will be given access to were developed by me during my 20 years of organization and leadership effectiveness consulting and coaching experience.  I am providing you this intellectual property for use only related to your performance challenge or learning goal. I ask you not forward my intellectual property to anyone else without my prior written permission.  You can show my materials to others (e.g., in a Zoom call) if those people are connected to the topic you are working on.  Without written permission from me, you are not allowed to distribute my documents to others. However, it is expected that others will complete any of the relevant online Best Practices Assessments.


Feel free to look at many other resources on my website including helpful articles and processes.  You can find them by searching by topic using the Search Box in the top menu bar or by using the Site Map that shows all the content topics contained in my website.  

If you think we have a potential fit between your goals and my solution, let's have a thought partnering session to drill down on your specific needs and preferences.  


After we meet, I can provide a no-obligation free trial so you can evaluate how the Portal + Coaching system can boost your job, career and company success.

Neil Love

Organization, Leader & Career
           Success Advisor



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