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Using The System

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The 8 Performance Areas

You can get instant help in these eight performance areas.

  • Business Performance
  • Department Performance
  • Product Development
  • Transformation Success
  • Initiative Performance
  • Team Performace
  • Leader Impact
  • Career Success

See what's in each Performance Area.

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How It Is Organized

Every performance area has these 4 components:

Performance Accelerators

The Organization Success Booster enables you make performance improvements faster and easier.  It also helps you prevent or deal with problems in the organization.

Performance Assessments give you insights on what is going and show you areas to focus on for improvement.

Performance Tools help you plan and implement improvments faster and more reliabliy.

Videos give you more context for your improvement efforts and build implementation knowledge and skills.

Consultations by email or Zoom help you think through your strategy or decision making.

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The Tools For You

The performance tools include best practice:

  • Models
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Process flows
  • Presentations
  • Frameworks
  • Sample documents
  • Analysis spreadsheets

Besides accelerating improvements,
the tools can also be utilized to:

  • Learn rapidly
  • Coach people
  • Develop courses
  • Create presentations
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How It Works

Here's how to get the most from the Organization Success Booster.

1   Identify clearly the problem or goal you are focused on
2   Select and complete the online assessment(s) related to your topic
3   Use the assessment survey responses to select relevant Tool Kits
4   Identify and use the tools in the Tool Kits that are most helpful
5   Select video courses and watch relevant video segments

As you move through the above sequence, you can get my just-in-time coaching support via email or by Zoom.

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The Guidance I Provide

These are the things I do to guide your progress

ORIENTATION - I will meet with you to explain the Portal use, discuss your situation and answer your questions

FOCUS - I will help you clearly define your goal or challenge so we are more focused and efficient as we move ahead

RECOMMENDATIONS - I will recommend the assessments, tools and videos that will be most helpful to you 

PROGRESS CHECK - I will meet with you after you use the tools to learn the progress you have made and discuss next steps

PATH FOWARD - I will meet with you to discuss lessons learned, remaining issues and your plan for moving forward

Instant Help Via Email
Any time you need help, just send me a message using the "Email Neil" button at the top of every Portal webpage. You can send me emails with questions about tools, assessments, actions, decisions, strategies, situations - whatever you want.  If you mark the email URGENT, I will typically respond within an hour.

Zoom Sessions 7 Days A Week
If you want to meet with me to talk through a situation or practice on handling a situation, I am available 7 days a week.  You can often schedule a session the very same day.  All you have to do is hit the "Schedule" button at the top of every Portal page.

Everything we discuss I will hold confidential.  However, it is your responsibility to not tell me anything that is company confidential.  If you do I will not be held liable if any legal claims come up regarding this in the future.  I am happy to sign a mutual benefit Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect your company and my firm.

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Finding Tools Of Interest

To find Tools, click on the performance area of interest (one of the red boxes) and on the right side of the page that opens you will see a list of Tool Kits.  Click on the Tool Kit of interest.  On the next page you will see the names of the tools on the left and their descriptions on the right. When you click on a Tool Name the document will open after you enter your User Name and Password information.

You can also try to search by topic using the Search Box in the top menu bar. You will see a list of tools and BLOG articles to choose from.  If you use the Site Map it will show you a list of all BLOG article titles and the titles of the main pages of my website that you can look at if you like.

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If you have any questions, just let me know and I am happy to answer them



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