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What’s Worrying You?

About Your Team, Your Project, Your Career

Sometimes you feel your team, your project, your career are on shaky ground. 

  • There are so many challenges and work demands to deal with
  • Often you have to do things you have not done before and in a hurry
  • And you are trying to make needed improvements on top of this
  • And there are more stressors when team members leave

What if you were much more successful in moving into new roles, leading tough initiatives, driving company growth and getting more results.

What if you did not have those late night or weekend fire drill calls to deal with missteps and challenges your team is having.

And what if this would take only a little of your bandwidth.  And would only require a very small investment to make all of this happen.

A Convenient On Demand Solution

I've got you covered. You can get the results you need and faster by accessing on-demand management tools and leveraging expert guidance to deal with challenges. Increase impact through 24/7 access to best practices assessments, guides, videos and coaching sessions available 7 days a week.

"The 24/7 Business Performance Portal is a fantastic resource for just-in-time help. 
The quickly available and efficient coaching is great for guidance on strategy and decisions."

Herbert Martinez, Sr. IT Manager

I love the assessments, tools and videos. They are very valuable and efficient to access.
There is so much great stuff line managers and I can use, that I feel like a kid in a candy store."

Rebecca Funder, Director HR

The Business Performance Booster is designed to help managers get their projects, teams and staff performing better and stay performing better - without a big investment.  It is intended to be an ongoing resource to deal with current challenges and new challenges that arise or as the manager moves on to a new project or new role. 

It provides highly convenient tools and coaching support that gives managers the help they need just when they need it and only what they need. It enables managers to become more self-sufficient gaining the skills needed to move ahead.

And people will be impressed about how knowledgeable you are and your broad subject matter expert. This is all good for your image,  your career and the results you want to get.

By leveraging the tools in the portal, managers get instant help no matter what time zone you are in.  Using the tools managers will be able to preserve coaching time for use in high leverage situations requiring a dialogue such as strategy development, decision evaluation or new skill practice.

What it is not:

  • A rigid paced weekly coaching program on a multi-month schedule
  • An expensive, intrusive, highly visible, schedule challenging consulting service
  • A course taking managers away from work and not tightly targeted to their issues

Let's talk about how the
Business Performance Booster
can help achieve your goals and ambitions.

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Management Impact & Development

Results I’ve helped executives and project leaders achieve:

Enabled company turnaround - Network Computing Devices
Transformed HR Department to meet executive demands - FLIR

Reduced inventory cost 50%, improved inventory turns 200% - GE
Saved $75 million in manufacturing costs - General Electric
Reduced product cost 20% - Adaptec
Increased productivity 15% - Candera

Guided initiative generating $400M annually - Cisco Systems
Revitalized corporate initiative off to a bad start - Net App
Led $2M best practices implementation program - GE

Generated 12X revenue over previous product - Black & Decker
Reduced product development time 25% - Sun Microsystems
Increased project predictability with New Product Process - Candera

Increased IT department value add to enable business strategy - Adaptec
Increased value-add to customers - Glaxo Pharmaceuticals

Designed and led 1-3 week executive leadership programs - VMware, GE
Designed and delivered high potential manager programs - GE, VMware
Designed and led New Technical Manager course - GE
Developed and led Project Leader Course for over 1,000 managers - GE

Neil's Corporate Career

Director Business Transformation
VMware, Amazon Lab126, Cisco, Sun

Director Leadership Development
VMware, General Electric, USF&G

Design Engineer & Instructor
Hewlett Packard, Eastman Kodak

"Neil's assessments and advice helped me identify and address key issues
to get our department to the next level of performance."

John Chun, VP -
"In my new role leading a major initiative, Neil advised me on the risks to focus on and the right structure. His guidance greatly accelerated needed planning and change managment."
Sr. Manager - NetApp Inc.
"Neil greatly improved my ability to interact with senior managers and strengthened my leadership skills and executive impact. I am now much more confident and aware when I navigate organizations."
Sr. Manager - Engineering

The Value You Get

24/7 access to assessments, tools and videos in the eight performance areas above.
Rapid response coaching support via email and Zoom available 7 days a week.

  •    – Surface root causes with online assessments

  • – Speed progress with proven, efficient tools

  •   – Learn the "how to's" quickly with brief videos

  • – Make better decisions with expert guidance

How To Get Started

1  Have managers test drive the 'Business Performance Booster for a few weeks

2  Have the managers tell you if the value is well worth the small subscription fees

3  Sign up for a subscription for the managers and high potentials you want to support

That's it!  Your managers meet 1:1 with me and start making bigger things happen

Want to glance at the content of the
Business Performance Booster?

Won't This Be Great!

Isn't this a great position to be in where you and your team are more successful, with many fewer missteps that you have to deal with?  And  won't it be great how much they will appreciate how you supported them to make them grow and become stronger leaders and professionals.

Let's talk about how the
Business Performance Booster
can help achieve your goals and ambitions.

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