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How It Will Help You

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Imagine You Are In This Situation

It's 10am on a Saturday, and you get an urgent text
alerting you a key executive is blocking support for your project.

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You want to get working on a solution right away so you can hit the ground running Monday. 

You complete an executive resistance assessment to obtain insights into how to influence the person.

You see relevant executive engagement tools to use to get the executive on board. 

You watch a two-minute video on how to effectively have this tough conversation.

That same day you send questions to Neil, an expert in this area, via email and quickly get a response.

You then meet the same day with Neil via Zoom to practice the conversation and get feedback.

Within hours, you are confident and ready to meet with the executive Monday morning to get her on board.

All of this was possible because of the best practices and guidance
provided by the Organization Success Booster.

This 2 minute video will show you how it can help you 24/7.

Benefits For You

Here are some of the ways you will benefit from using the Organization Success Booster.

Accelerate Projects
Save time and avoid missteps by improving how the teams in your organization function

Get “Invisible” Consulting & Help
Benefit from 25 years of experience and expertise as I guide you behind the scenes to accomplish more

Coach Staff Easier
Use my proprietary tools and surveys to teach team members to perform better and advance their careers.

Be More Impressive
Be recognized for bringing in best practices to achieve important business goals

Have Greater Impact
Have more strategies and tools to deliver results more efficiently and faster

Accelerate Your Career
Enhance your prospects for advancement through bigger impact and demonstrating leadership capability


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Instant Help You Can Get

Here are some of the situations you can get help with right away:

Performance Challenge
You are concerned your organization, initiative or
team is not going to meet expectations

Transformation Challenge
You are leading an organization change
that involves lots of stakeholders

Role Challenge
You are given more responsibilities,moving into
a new role, or making a career transition

Management Challenge
You are dealing with a new type of management
situation you do not have experience with

Learning Challenge
You need to learn something very fast
to do something you have not done before

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How The Tools Help You

  • You avoid hours of wasted time trying to search online for strategies and tools
  • All the tools you need are in one spot vs. scattered among website search results
  • You get totally objective, non-biased help to quickly move your effort forward
  • You get best practices immediately vs spending hours searching for them
  • You can quickly get your improvement planned, orchestrated and sequenced
  • You get a professional to help with implementation issues and resistance to change
  • You learn faster and make a greater impact on the organization and business goals

Here is what the best practices tools will help you with:

  • The online assessments will provide deep insights and reveal root causes, disconnects and blind spots
  • The organization and management tools and templates will jump-start and accelerate improvement
  • The short video segments will provide targeted development of needed knowledge and skills
  • My coaching will help with strategic thinking, decision making and skills practice on real situations
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24/7 Success Booster
can help achieve your goals faster.

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Let's talk about your goals and challenges
so I can show you how the
24/7 Organization Success Booster
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Neil's Bio

As a Leader & Organization Success Advisor, Neil has helped over 350 executives and managers at 90 companies improve their group's performance, leadership impact and career advancement.  Starting as a design engineer and customer engineer,  his career evolved to VP Leadership Development positions at GE and USF&G and Director Business Transformation positions at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems. Neil has MBA and BS Electrical Engineering degrees and is a Certified Leadership Advisor.