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Change Leadership Principles

When leading organizational changes there are many critical actions and decisions to make to guide the organization.

The right decisions and actions will speed the progress of change and increase the liklihood of achieveing the intended benefits of the change.

Here are some principles to keep in mind to make the right decisions and take the right actions when leading change.

  • Change requires leadership much more than management.
  • Communicate extensively why the change is needed - from both business and individual employee viewpoints
  • Paint a picture of what the future will be like - what will be different, how that will be better
  • Identify all key stakeholders who must be on board and actively engage with them to hear concerns and suggestions (don't sell)
  • Identify what factors are supporting the change and which ones will hinder the change. Leverage the positives, reduce the negatives
  • Be aware of and manage inter-dependencies between changes and groups   
  • Provide alternatives on how things can be done or how changes can be implemented to give people a greater sense of power and control
  • Expect and manage conflct but approach it as agreement management which puts a postive tone on it
  • Culture change is often needed to ensure long term viability of an organization change
  • To being the culture change focus on creating better processes that refelect the new cultural values and motivating new behaviors.

These Principles Of Change Leadership will help you make the right decisions and take the right actions on your transformation journey.

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