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Executive Impact Checklist

 To accelerate career progress and work more successfully with executives, you will be well served to think and act more like a successful executive.

Among other things that means communicating with brevity and impact. That means leading big changes that matter. That means having executive presence. That means linking everything you do and say to business goals and results. That means looking, acting and operating like an executive. That means making sure those above your boss know the value you add to the business.

As a guide on how to work better with executives and be seen as an executive, here are some success factors. Feel good about those you have. Develop a few of those you don’t have that will help you in your job right now.

You Have Executive Presence
“Show up” by letting people know what they stand for and believe in
Radiate with positiveness and hopefulness
Be optimistic and inspire that
Turn around the negativity of others
Stay calm under pressure and in challenging situations

You Look Like An Executive
Stand straight and tall. Do not slouch when you sit.
Dress like the executives in your company do

You Connect With People Like An Executive
Connect with people in a way that conveys you know their world
Find something you respect and find interesting about the people you work with
Use some charm especially when starting or ending a conversation or meeting
Ensure that others realize that you are a person of integrity
Handle conflicts in a win-win way

You Communicate Like An Executive
Communicate with brevity and impact both verbally and in writing
Use metaphors to make complex things simple
Use your hands and face to illustrate what you are saying
Make discussions feel like conversations with brief comments by you
Communicate in ways that people will not forget
Be focused on the person you are in the conversation with.
Don’t glance around, look at your phone or look at or answer emails or texts

You Think Like An Executive
Think strategically about the competitive advantages you can create
Identify things that will positively impact the success of the business and customers
Think strategically about the direction of your organization and your career
Create a vision of what can be that is compelling and provide the benefits people care about
Link your role and group’s role to how it supports the business strategy of the company
Link everything you do and say to business goals and results

You Know Who To Impress
Your boss
Your boss’s boss
Your future bosses you would like to work for to get promoted or new experience
Customer and partner company executives

You Know How To Impress The Right People
Achieve things the boss cares about and let him/her know
Achieve things the boss’s boss cares about and casually mention it to the boss's boss
Achieve things customers care about and have them tell you boss and boss’s boss

You Are Action Oriented
Act decisively to make good and timely decisions with the right input
Leap on opportunities to lead changes and improvements important to the business

You Have Many Tools To Influence People
Influence people using What’s In It For Them (what do they care about you can give them)
Use indirect influence (someone influences the person you aren’t able to)

You Have Many Tools To Motivate People
Recognize good efforts not just good results
Write a thank you card and put it on their desk or postal mail it


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