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How Do I Know I Am A Good Leader?

Good leaders ask themselves this question from time to time. You want to be a good leader, even aiming to be a great leader, but how do we know how we measure up? It’s tough because we really only see ourselves from our own experience, not through the lens of others. Certainly, during the pandemic, we’ve needed to refine our leadership skills, especially transitioning to a remote team environment.

Let’s start by making a list of the qualities we look for in a good leader (feel free to add to the list, reflecting on those you’ve worked within the past that you admire).

A good leader…


  • Is present in their role and conversations
  • Actively listens and considers alternate viewpoints
  • Involves everyone in the conversation
  • Seeks to understand, not judge
  • Knows when to step up and when to step back
  • Acknowledges the contributions of others
  • Inspires others to succeed when the going gets tough
  • Commits to stretch goals not knowing how to achieve them

Take a moment to reflect on the points above. How would you score yourself? Try thinking of different scenarios when you could have been a better leader and what you could have done differently. Did your rush to make a decision, miss a deadline, let down your team, or act without adequate consideration?

Now, if we acknowledge that while we may think we’re a good leader, we don’t know if others feel the same. So, what are the signs when others believe we are a good leader?

  • Others tend to follow your example
  • Colleagues confide in you and trust your expertise
  • You find yourself often asked to lead a tough project or initiative
  • Your relationships with colleagues are authentic and positive
  • Everyone around you is succeeding and growing in their role
  • You make positive contributions beyond your job role scope

What could you be doing better? It’s tough to see our own blind spots sometimes, and members of our team may be reluctant to speak freely to criticize,

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