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Got People Challenges?

Are you faced with new or uncomfortable people situations you don't exactly know how to handle?

Many of my coaching clients find this Harvard Business Review book to be a great "just-in-time" management reference.

You can go directly to the skills section related to your need to get concise advice.


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What's Your View Of Politics At Work?

Do you dislike politics in your workplace and distance yourself from it?        

This short slide deck will illustrate where you are on the political spectrum and where you may want to be.

It also will point out what you can do to have the right political orientation.     

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5 Powerful Ways To Influence Someone

Whether you are an executive or individual contributor, being a good influencer is key to success.

But sometimes your "go to" influence strategies are not enough.  Now what?  

Here's five strategies you might not have thought of.     

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Change Leadership Principles

When leading organizational changes there are many critical actions and decisions to make to guide the organization.

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Leadership Growth Strategies 

Without leadership strength in place at all levels and in all departments, organizations find it difficult to achieve significant improvements in organization-wide performance.

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Need Someone To Cooperate More?

It is hard to do your job well when people don't do what you need them to do.

Here is a simple, but powerful, process that will help you get what you want.

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