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Manager Retention – Drivers & Strategies

When you lose key managers or high potential managers and professionals, there is a major hit on company success - now and in the future. Big disruptions can occur in business and project performance. As a quick fix, you may have to find someone internally to fill their roles who may not yet have the needed skills and experience and that has some risks to it.  And the cost of finding a fully qualified external replacement can easily be 2X their salary and could take 3-4 months.

Having worked with over 300 high tech managers in Silicon Valley in the last four years I am seeing some patterns about manager turnover that are also reinforced by recent research.

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Improve Productivity & Agility

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Does your organization need to be more productive and agile?

Here are some improvement strategies you may not have considered.

Which ones have you not considered or used enough?

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better transitions project manager

Executive Impact Checklist

 To accelerate career progress and work more successfully with executives, you will be well served to think and act more like a successful executive.

Among other things that means communicating with brevity and impact. That means leading big changes that matter. That means having executive presence. That means linking everything you do and say to business goals and results. That means looking, acting and operating like an executive. That means making sure those above your boss know the value you add to the business.

As a guide on how to work better with executives and be seen as an executive, here are some success factors. Feel good about those you have. Develop a few of those you don’t have that will help you in your job right now.

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Guerrilla Tactics for Change Champions

You see tremendous opportunities for improving how things are done. But you may feel outnumbered and not fully equipped.  What to do?

Here are some suggestions to consider to increase your leadership impact and get the change moving towards success.  Which ones are most helpful to you?

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Got To Get Your Team Back On Track?

I recently received this email from a manager who is a client of mine:

“Neil I am stuck. My team is not performing well and it’s driving me crazy. I want to get this turned around quickly. What can I do?"


When a team is starting to “wobble” or missing milestones, we need to diagnose what is below the surface of the symptoms and get answers to these questions. 

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Coach, Consultant, Or Advisor
What’s The Best Support For You?

I’m frequently asked the difference between working with a coach, consultant, or advisor. It’s important to understand the difference to help you decide which is the best for you.  So, let’s break this down.

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How Do I Know I Am A Good Leader?

Good leaders ask themselves this question from time to time. You want to be a good leader, even aiming to be a great leader, but how do we know how we measure up? It’s tough because we really only see ourselves from our own experience, not through the lens of others. Certainly, during the pandemic, we’ve needed to refine our leadership skills, especially transitioning to a remote team environment.

Let’s start by making a list of the qualities we look for in a good leader (feel free to add to the list, reflecting on those you’ve worked within the past that you admire).

A good leader…

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Got People Challenges?

Are you faced with new or uncomfortable people situations you don't exactly know how to handle?

Many of my guidance clients find this Harvard Business Review book to be a great "just-in-time" management reference.

You can go directly to the skills section related to your need to get concise advice.


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5 Powerful Ways To Influence Someone

Whether you are an executive or individual contributor, being a good influencer is key to success.

But sometimes your "go to" influence strategies are not enough.  Now what?  

Here's five strategies you might not have thought of.     

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What's Your View Of Politics At Work?

Do you dislike politics in your workplace and distance yourself from it?        

This short slide deck will illustrate where you are on the political spectrum and where you may want to be.

It also will point out what you can do to have the right political orientation.     

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