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Want To Move Up In Your Career?

Feeling career plateaued? Want to move up in your career faster?
OK so what are the best strategies to advance your career?

Opportunities Outside Your Company

It is quite a challenge to get into a new company in a different role or a higher level than you are now.  

One reason is people in the company don't know you and have not seen what you have accomplished.

To know what is out there, set up Job Alerts on LinkedIn and that send you posted jobs for the next job role you want. 

But it is key to find someone who will be your advocate and serve up your resume to the recruiter or hiring manager. 

So work your connections and leverage LinkedIn to connect with people that might help you in that company.

Also, targeted networking helps to uncover opportunities.

You will want to consider these things when moving to another company.

  • Get into a high growth industry
  • Get into a high growth company
  • Select the right boss who will develop you and help with your career
  • Create a 90 Day Onboarding Plan to learn efficiently and gain support

Opportunities Inside Your Company 

It can be easier to move your career forward internally then going external. Look smartly for opportunities of interest  in your company or how you could create a role for you.  Obviously it is helpful if your boss or someone else helps you learn of them or create them. 

So what do you do?

First set up job alerts on your company's job postings page for jobs of interest.  Then you will be notified immediately when there are opportunities.

Also, identify opportunities for growth in the company where you could help and influencing managers to create a role for you. 

These questions will stimulate your thinking to find growth opportunities. 

Where is your group headed?  What does it have to improve on?
Example: The group will need greater efficiency to accomplish more with less effort and current staffing level

Where is your company headed?  What are the strategic goals and challenges of the company?
Example: The company needs to expand its product line to increase growth 

Given company and group needs, what areas do see as opportunities for job growth for you?

In your current role, what contributions can you make to get visibility that you can do more? 

What role could you design and sell internally that is needed for success?

So pick a few of the strategies you feel comfortable
doing and move your career forward.