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Career Thinking Process

The process of thinking about, researching and exploring to identify your best career is a strategic and creative process. More options are your friend. It requires divergent thinking. Don’t try to converge too quickly. Stay patient with the ambiguity. Keep learning. Check the validity of your assumptions by getting real data and talking to people who would know the facts. You can control the process. Be good to yourself and stay the course.  Here is some guidance for you.

Good Career Definition
A good career is one where you have jobs doing what you love doing – your work mission.
Examples of a good career are:
• A job role you love doing forever (e.g., UX designer)
• A series of similar types of jobs but in different disciplines so you continually learn (e.g., engineer in design group and then engineer in QA group)
• A series of completely different job roles in completely different parts of the company to enjoy different work environments working with different kinds of people (e.g., design engineer and then product manager
• A series of higher and higher job levels in the same company function that let you continue to make a bigger impact in that function (e.g., engineer then program manager then design manager then Director of Engineering then VP Engineering)
• A series of higher and higher job levels in the many different parts of a company to prepare yourself for a high level cross-functional role (e.g., engineer then product manager than sales enablement director then business operations VP then COO)

Career Satisfaction Drivers
A good career gives you on-going satisfaction and meaning, let’s you do what you are great at and meets important practical criteria.
Here are some of the common factors that determines if a job and career is right for you:
• Uses your innate talents and gifts
• Fits your temperament and personality
• Provides roles you play that you are good at and like
• Provides the right workplace environment to be comfortable
• Has job and career activities that match what matters to you
• Fulfils your sense of work mission or purpose (what work means to you)
• Is in alignment with your values, rewards, interests, priorities
• Is supporting achieving the goals you want to achieve


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