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Get The Job Faster Checklist

Here are some strategies that can help you get a job faster and a better job.

 Hire A Coach

  • Hire a job pursuit advisor that can help you do the right things and faster
  • Pick a advisor who has experience working in or guidance people in jobs of interest
  • Pick a advisor who can quickly ramp up your resume and LinkedIn Profile
  • Pick a advisor who can make introductions for you for jobs or information interviews
  • Pick a advisor who exhibits a strong commitment to be your advocate and champion

 Get Support

  • Reach out to alumni who graduated with same degree to see if they would help you
  • Find a mentor that will guide and motivate you – perhaps a friend’s father or mother
  • Get free job hunting training and guidance (e.g., NOVA Career Action Centers)
  • Get a job hunting buddy to meet with weekly that holds you accountable for your actions
  • Fully use the job hunt services from your school
  • Talk to your favorite professors for advice and introductions

 Researching Jobs

  • Have jobs of interest brought to you by setting up Job Alerts on LinkedIn and
  • Review the job descriptions to identify job requirements you meet and do not meet
  • For jobs you like and are mostly qualify for set up Job Alerts on LinkedIn and
  • Do information interviews with people in the job you want to learn more about it
  • Check out jobs on your school’s job posting website

 Identifying Your Strengths

  • Take online assessments to determine passions, interests and natural talents
  • Take Clifton Strengths Survey to identify your Top Five Strengths
  • Identify your people, influence and customer skills that will be needed in the job you want

Overcoming Skills & Experience Gaps

  • Watch video courses (e.g., to develop needed knowledge or skills
  • Take 8 – 24 hour short courses to develop needed knowledge and skills
  • Get involved in small volunteer projects that will give you needed experience
  • Secure a tutor that is willing to spend time with you to accelerate learning
  • Offer to take needed training before starting the job (perhaps that you will pay for)

 Be More Impressive

  • Make sure your resume is in a resume scanner friendly format
  • Use to see how high your resume scores for a job posting
  • Populate all sections of your LinkedIn Profile including Projects and Volunteering
  • Turn on the LinkedIn setting - “Share Your Career Interests With Recruiters”
  • Use to see how high your LinkedIn Profile scores

Network For Guidance & Introductions

  • Reach out to people you know from intern jobs you had or volunteering
  • Contact everyone you know that likes you and respects your abilities
  • Join LinkedIn Groups composed of people with the job you want
  • Use LinkedIn to find people at companies of interest and message them
  • Go to Meetups and professional association meetings to meet helpful people
  • Attend conferences and visit exhibit booths to learn about products and companies

Make Direct Contact

  • Use LinkedIn searches to contact recruiters and managers in companies of interest
  • Create and send a compelling message to them via a LinkedIn message and/or email
  • Send a “Why Hire Me” letter to the hiring manager via Federal Express signature required

Getting More Interviews

  • Ask people that respect you to introduce you to hiring managers and recruiters
  • Use LinkedIn to find people at companies in your jobs of interest and contact them
  • Use LinkedIn to find the recruiters at companies who handle your job and message them

 Doing Better Interviewing

  • Look on LinkedIn to see what you respect about each interviewer and mention that
  • Be prepared with questions that show you want the job and ask smart questions
  • Have 45 second stories to answer the “Tell me a time when you had this problem” questions

Negotiating Compensation

  • Offer to take a lower salary until you have the needed experience
  • Ask for a salary review in six months
  • Ask for a sign on bonus to offset lower salary

Consider Other Employment Options

  • Take a part time job in the work you like
  • Take a part time or full time job in a customer service role for that experience
  • Get a 3 or 6 month temporary contract job working through a staffing agency
  • Get a job share job where you split job duties with another person

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As a Leader & Organization Success Advisor, Neil has helped over 350 executives and managers at 90 companies improve their group's performance, leadership impact and career advancement.  Starting as a design engineer and customer engineer,  his career evolved to VP Leadership Development positions at GE and USF&G and Director Business Transformation positions at VMware, Amazon Lab126, and Cisco Systems. Neil has MBA and BS Electrical Engineering degrees and is a Certified Leadership Advisor.

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