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The average time it takes to get a new job is 2 to 3 months. That assumes the person is doing the right things and doing them right. However, in the current job market some jobs are hot, some are not and that can slow things down too.

50% of job seekers do not do the right things, do not invest the time needed or get frustrated with lack of progress and quit looking.

If you want to get a job faster, here are 13 things you can do:

  • Focus on jobs you are 100% qualified for
  • Focus on jobs that are in high demand and have frequent job postings
  • Have a buddy recommend you to a hiring manager or the assigned recruiter
  • Ask old bosses to give referrals. provide introductions and if they know of any job openings
  • Identify 10 companies of interest where you have that industry experience and focus your job pursuit efforts on these companies
  • Use LinkedIn to find and write recruiters at targeted companies who recruit for your type of jobs
  • Add and optimize all sections of your LinkedIn Profile so recruiters searching LinkedIn find you
  • Go after a job that is one level below the position you have now
  • Get a good job that pays less but positions you well for advancement
  • Be willing to commute one hour to the work location
  • Find remote work type jobs at companies in distant cities, other states or countries
  • Look for jobs in other states and offer to move there at your own expense
  • Take a 3 – 12 month "temp to perm" 1099 job through a staffing agency