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9 Keys To Ace The Interview

Want to out-compete other job candidates and feel less stressed when you interview?


  1. Co-manage the interview process by showing you are evaluating the job situation too
  2. Show up as a person with your genuine personality, a little warmth and humor
  3. Connect with the interviewer on something you have in common or respect
  4. Realize that people with different job roles evaluate based on what is important in their job
  5. Communicate with energy and good use of hand gestures to illustrate important points
  6. Answer questions in a way that hits the key points, is impressive and takes less than one minute
  7. Answer the exact question that was asked not some other question you made up
  8. Ask savvy questions about the industry and business that make you stand apart from others
  9. Close the interview expressing even more interest in the job and ask about any concerns