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The average time it takes to get a new job is 2 to 3 months. That assumes the person is doing the right things and doing them right. However, in the current job market some jobs are hot, some are not and that can slow things down too.

50% of job seekers do not do the right things, do not invest the time needed or get frustrated with lack of progress and quit looking.

If you want to get a job faster, here are 13 things you can do:

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 better transitions changes not going well

9 Keys To Ace The Interview

Want to out-compete other job candidates and feel less stressed when you interview?

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Best LinkedIn Groups

You know you should be networking for helpful advice and career advancement right?

But it is not easy. It takes a lot of time, you don't meet the right people, you don't know where to network, it doesn't fit your busy schedule. Right?

No sweat. Here are the best LinkedIn groups so you can easily find and connect with really helpful people.

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Better Networking

Do you hate networking and putting yourself out there?

Do you think it is some kind of fast draw business card game?

Do you want to know what to do to make networking pay off?

This four page book summary will move you forward in your attitude and thinking.

Business Networking You Won't Hate

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Time For A Career Checkup?

With job and personal demands, it's hard to think much about your career - right?

  •  Is it time to move on from your current job?
  •  Do you know where your career is going?
  •  Are you doing the things needed to get there?

This 10 minute survey will strengthen your career thinking.

Take The Career Checkup Assessment

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New Role Success

Imagine you have just landed that new dream job in a different organization.

Now is the time to start thinking about what lies ahead of you and what you need to do to enjoy the job fully and be more successful.

Click below to find out what will be helpful to you for success.

New Role Success Factors

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Get Promoted Checklist 

Is it time to seriously go after that promotion you want and deserve? 

But do you have enough strategies to make that happen - and faster?  No?

Well here's some quick help. This checklist is full of useful tips. 

It will enable you to justify, influence, communicate and impress to get that promotion!


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Career Shift Strategies That Work

This can be a great time to make that Career Shift you have been dreaming about and longing for.

 This checklist will give you helpful tips for getting a new job in a different industry or a different type of job role than you have now.


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Want To Move Up In Your Career?

Feeling career plateaued? Want to move up in your career faster?
OK so what are the best strategies to advance your career?

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Get The Job Faster Checklist

Here are some strategies that can help you get a job faster and a better job.

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