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Need Someone To Cooperate More?

It is hard to do your job well when people don't do what you need them to do.

Here is a simple, but powerful, process that will help you get what you want.

Perhaps some of these situations may resonate with you:

  • ·    An uncooperative coworker is often not providing what is needed
  • ·    A project team member is not doing what they should do in their role
  • ·    A key stakeholder is putting up barriers that is slowing your work down
  • ·    A direct report has begun developing a pattern of underperforming

Handling these types of people challenges is difficult, especially when you are working remotely. If you happen to be a very nice, somewhat less assertive person, confronting the situation is even harder. And, if you imagine you may make a misstep that creates a big conflict and uproar, that inhibits you from wanting to take action.

I'm sure you have tried some things to remedy the situation but you are still not happy with the situation. Perhaps you would like to use a new approach that will give you the steps and confidence you need to smoothly engage with the person to get what you want.

The process is called DESCC

Each letter stands for the step you take to get the person to do what you want.

Here's a couple of resources for you that explain the process and how to use it.

DESCC Process Video

DESCC Process Slides

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