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These online assessments targeted to specific types of projects, departments and operations are a comprehensive, fast and efficient way to identify strengths, risks, gaps, and root causes of conflicts, disconnects, and breakdowns.  And they can even surface the best improvement opportunities and in priority order.  This brochure lists all the Assessments available and describes their benefits and use - Assessments Brochure

Any assessment could be completed real-time by a group together in a meeting increasing participation levels and accelerating data collection. Assessment question categories can be also used as discussion topics in 1:1 and group settings to gather insights.  Even if a manager is the only person who completes an assessment,  he or she gets a quick education on best practices and insights on perceived strengths and potential trouble areas. 

The assessment questions ask participants to assess performance against what are considered best practices for high performance. To provide deep-dive insights there are extensive multiple choice questions that list best practices in each success factor area.  The analysis of responses shows overall which best practices are being used and which are not and the degree of negative impact.

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Assessment Services Available

Best Practices Assessments
To See Assessments Of Interest
Click on any topic of interest in the table below.  That takes you to all the assessments in that category.

It is expected that the assessments will be customized to best fit your preferences, organization and needs.

To Complete An Assessment
Click on an Assessment title. You can take the assessment at no charge and receive an assessment report.

Business Performance
Team Effectiveness
Department Effectiveness
Manager Effectiveness
Productivity Improvement
Interpersonal Skills
Customer  Satisfaction
Change Management
Initiatives Management
Employee  Feedback
Product Development
Meeting Effectiveness
Process Effectiveness
Career Advancement
Project Effectiveness
Remote Work Check In


 Business Performance
If you want to be sure you achieve the goals of your business, profit center or cost center these assessments
will surface risks and improvement opportunities for how you work internally and externally

 Customer Satisfaction
To learn how well you are meeting the needs of internal or external customers these assessments
will identify satisfaction levels and help you strengthen the value you provide to them.

Productivity Improvement
If your group has to achieve more with the same or less resources, these assessments will point out
what you should stop doing, do more of or do less of to be more efficient and effective.

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 Department Effectiveness
To help you achieve your department’s goals these assessments will highlight areas
where you will want to strengthen organizational capabilities.

Project Effectiveness
To make sure your project gets off on the right track and stays on track
these assessments will tell you what you need to do.

Process Effectiveness
These assessments will help you increase the efficiency, effectiveness and agility
of your key processes to increase customer/user satisfaction and organizational impact.

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Change Management Effectiveness
When you need to make big changes in how things operate these assessments will ensure you get ready
for the changes and implement them smartly to achieve your intended goals and avoid disruptions.

Team Effectiveness
To make sure your team gets off on the right track and stays on track
these assessments will tell you what you need to do.

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Initiative Management

Product Development

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Meeting Effectiveness
If your virtual or in-person meetings are not making the mark, these assessments
will flag what to do to make them more productive and more pleasant to attend.

Manager Effectiveness
If you have department, project or leadership challenges, these assessments
will help you ramp your impact, influence and success.

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Interpersonal Skills
If your ability to interact with a variety of people is key to your success,
these assessments will help you sense what to do and how to do it.

Employees Satisfaction
If you want to manage employees better, these assessments can help.

Remote Work Check In
To sense what is really going on across your organization these assessments
will give you deep insights and point to needed improvements.

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Career Advancement
If you want to figure out where your career should go or make career changes,
these assessments will give you valuable insights.

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Assessment Services Available

Assessment of a department, process or project
One or two managers complete the survey
To learn best practices and identify trouble areas

Service includes:
Assessment Report highlighting strengths and gaps
30 minute coaching session on prioritization, implications, actions
Price: $145

Assessment of a department, process or project
10 to 30 people complete the
High level recommendations
No comments theme analysis

Service includes:
20 minute coaching session on survey strategy (goals, process, benefits maximization)
Light customization of assessment survey
Assessment Process checklist (for a smooth and productive experience)
Draft of email to survey participants
Survey deployment and administration
Survey response tracking and reporting
"Complete The Survey" reminder email
Assessment Report with data charts and all comments (anonymous)
No comments theme analysis is provided
60 minute coaching session with Sponsor and Project Lead on prioritization, implications, actions
Price: $695

Assessment of a department, process or project
10 to 30 people complete the assessment of a group, process or project
Includes comments themes, key findings, implications, detailed recommendations

Service includes:
All the Group Assessment elements above plus:
Detailed survey customization as desired
Full analysis Assessment Report:
  - Data analysis
  - Comments theme analysis
  - Findings & implications
  - Recommendations
  - Improvement sequence roadmap
  - 60 minute coaching session with sponsor and project lead on improvement prioritization and sequencing
 - $1,175 for up to 10 survey participants
 - $1,575 for 11 to 20 survey participants
 - $1,975 for 21 to 30 survey participants

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